Upgrading Your Finances Management

The meaning of the term finance is where money is provided for a commercial activity either public or personal. It can also be an expression used by specialists in the field when they look at how money is managed. A more general and accepted definition is the control of business plus public sector assets and money. When these funds are administered by a representative of a company, this specialized area is called finance management.

These managers arrange funds to be lent to individuals or business using their company’s assets where possible and if not sourcing the money elsewhere. The simple process of optimization is used to receive the most from these funds by reducing the cost of arranging the finance whilst at the same time ensuring returns are high. Poor finance is the cause of depressed markets caused when managers have not followed the optimization rule which leads to lower production and lower sales globally. It is for this very reason that finance managers are very careful with finance they agree too and where it is funded from.

Finance managers can be very short sighted, only looking at the initial cost involved and not the future return capability of the project. Finance managers are in direct opposition to sales managers who know that you have to look forward and plan for the future; if you’re preoccupied with what went on in the past you will fail to realize that it is future business that brings in the profits. Many small business owners forget that the business loan they have arranged is not for personal use; a distinction which gets blurred regularly. When money is lent under these circumstances, lenders feel quite aggrieved as they have lost control of where the money is being invested.

Businesses are gradually getting the message that they must behave more responsibly if they are to stand a chance of expanding in years to come. However, small businesses can finance their needs from other sources like friends or from banks and private lenders. However, finance managers are in the position of making money for their company so out sourcing their lending can help increase their profits. It is a well know fact that by the very virtue of the fact you require money, banks see you as a risk.

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